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128 BTC is the World’s First Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding System that allows you to earn half of everything that happens in your organization forever! It is based on the world-famous Mobius Loop and System G Technology, which is the most successful Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding Program in the history! This is not all, the Mobius Loop ensures you always follow your inviter and your team always follows you!

128 BTC is a team crowdfunding system that helps you earn from the upline and the downline both so you can start earning Bitcoins just seconds after registering. The platform is designed in a way making it transparent, fully automated, and can't be manipulated. There is no middleman and you immediately receive all your money to put towards any purpose you choose.

While people are going through a hard time due to Covid-19, we have made a platform that eventually will help everyone in these tough times. This will not only make you earn online safely by staying at home but will also make you wealthier just with a little effort. The Global Referral Matrix makes sure this platform is the Fastest Way To Wealth. You get a real-time dashboard, 24/7 support, automated positionings, and 128 BTC.

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